Is Russian Phosagro floating in UK?

by Guest184  |  8 years ago

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Hello everyone! I am Natasha from West London wandering in search of the latest news related to Russian Phosagro for the past few days, but I have never been able to make it, because every time, I have been provided with unauthentic information. I got only one choice left and that is to inquire about the same query from you guys, if you could please help me in this regard. I want to know exact information about the launching of Russian Phosagro in London, as few days back, there was some news telling about their upcoming launch in London. Looking forward for your humble help, thank you!

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  1. James Merlin

    Well, according to Reuters, the Russian Phosagro has stated to ride high in London. It further reads that the Russian fertiliser manufacturer Phosagro claimed that the concerned authorities are prepared to introduce a primary public proposing of its living commonplace portions on both the Moscow and London supply exchanges. While the business would not reveal the dimensions of the ride high or its assessment, but causes have notified Reuters that the business was probable to ride high at least 10 per hundred of its split capital and was wanting to lift not less than USD $500m. Moreover, the Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets – FSFM – has accepted records of 2.6m portions, or 21.35 per hundred of the total share capital of Phosagro. I hope that this information will not disappoint you, as it is way more credible than any other source working on similar niche. Good luck!


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