Information about the presence of Halal dominos in London

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Please tell me some detail about the presence of Halal dominos in London, actually I am new migrant here and its great but the problem is halal restaurants. Can anybody tell me about Halal dominos in London, I need immediate response, thanks in advance.

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  1. Julia

     A step by Domino's Pizza to take pork food items off the menu in one of its branches, after going 100% halal in an effort to attract more Muslim customers, has been attacked by few customers. The pizza chain's Hall Green branch in Birmingham has ceased selling pizzas with pork items in order to attract the area's large Muslim population who utilize a strict non-pork diet. Ingredients such as bacon, ham and pepperoni have been stopped and replaced with halal spicy beef sausage, roast and tandoori chicken, halal pepperoni and halal cured turkey, all prepared and stored within the Halal Food Authorities instructions.

    For meat to be deemed halal it is compulsory to fulfill some conditions, for instance animal should be killed by having its throat cut by a Muslim and any flowing blood of the carcass should be entirely drained. It is Domino's first fully halal franchise in Britain, but more are expected to open in near future. In that specific area of Birmingham there are great numbers of Muslims so there is naturally more of a demand for halal based products.

    It is very good news for Muslims, with changing environment, who want a bit of variety in their diet. This is only the starting and many Muslims are delighted that Domino's is participating in this trend. The move has angered some users in Hall Green who now have to travel two miles to another branch if they want the selection of pizzas like the Meteor, which is topped with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, ground beef and smoky bacon.

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