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Hello, I am a new migrant in London and don’t know much about the routes.  I need some information about the walking rout of Jubilee Greenway; actually my family is planning to use this route for their cycling competition, which they arrange for next weekend, please help me, thanks.

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  1. Warner

    The Jubilee Greenway is ranked as one of the famous path for walkers and cyclists linking the London Olympic and Paralympic Games locations with few of the capital's perfect attractions, heritage sites, parks, waterways and views. The 60km (35 mile) Jubilee Greenway is separated into 10 parts, each up to 10km (6 miles) long and is the recent and modern addition to the Mayor of London's Strategic Walk Network of pleasant walking routes around London. For more detailed information you can visit on each section. You can use the walking Journey Planner, in order to get a walking route help through map. Because using the advanced options, you can maximize the time for preparing yourself to walk and to get information about routes for greater distances.

    There are many along the route including some of the Olympic venues outside the Olympic Park itself. Few main points of Interest which are available between Jubilee Greenway walking route are mention below:

    • Horse Guards Parade (beach volleyball)

    • Woolwich Arsenal (shooting events)

    • Greenwich Park (equestrian)

    • Hyde Park (triathlon & 10km open water swim in the Serpentine)

    • O2 Arena (gymnastics, basketball, badminton)

    • Regents Park (road cycling)

    • Victoria Park (walking events)

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