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One of my friends told me about discount facility that is available in London, could you provide me some detailed information on discount in London, I really want to know, please provide me some authentic answer, thanks in advance.

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  1. Julia

     London has different astonishing and great discount cards that offers  you cheap food and drinks, discount shopping deals, cheap theatre tickets, budget travel, free entry to galleries, museums and night clubs and many other facilities!  The London Pass is a perfect visitor pass for London. The London Pass provides you free entry to more than 55 of London's best destination and exhibitions, as well as discounts in theatres, shops and restaurants. Select from one, two, three or six day passes and finds all that London has to offer. There's also the option to add a travel card for use on London's public transport.

    ISIC is internationally termed as a form of student ID. The scheme gives members with several benefits, services and discounts worldwide. By using these one can save on fashion, music, entertainment, transport, eating out and more with loads of UK discounts. Another card is taste London and it is a restaurant discount card that can be used for up to 50% off your food bill in 800+ restaurants across the capital. By purchasing Taste London card through Visit London and you will pay less for the annual membership fee. The Shop & Dine London visitor passport card offers you to an array of special schemes, services and amenities from participating shopping centers, retailers and restaurants in London. The Circle Club Card is a perfect gateway to big savings on nightlife in London. Membership begins at £10 and it gives you free entrance to many renowned clubs during the week and half-price admission at weekends. It is available with the option to buy two-for-one drink vouchers.

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