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Could you tell me some information about University of London, actually my younger son recently clear his graduation exam, and now I am collecting details about London’s famous universities, that is why I want to know about University of London, please help me, thanks.

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  1. Julia

     The University of London is very similar with many other renowned universities. It comprises on 19 self governing Colleges and 10 other smaller specialist research Institutes. In several methods the Colleges are considered universities in their own right, for instance they specified their own entrance criteria for their courses and they provide their own services to students. Most of them also have their own degree awarding powers. All students from all the Colleges and Institutes are also University of London students, making them part of a community of over 120,000 students and giving them access to several other useful services in London.

    All are considered individual institutions when it comes to applying. Postgraduate students apply directly to the College or Colleges they want to study with. Several levels of study are deal at the University of London including Foundation degrees, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas and research degrees simultaneously. The Colleges also have great selection of short courses and summer diplomas. Pre-university school students are also eligible to sample University of London courses and life through the Taster Course program.

    Moreover it is not even necessary to be in London to study for a University of London degree. Presently 50,000 students are studying in 180 different countries with the University of London International Program.

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