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I’ve been living in Charlton for last five years. Now I’ve moved to Highgate to live with my sister. I am quite new here and don’t know much about the routes. Can someone please tell me the Information about Highgate to Stoke Newington route? Thanks!

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  1. Julia

     The distance between Highgate to Stoke Newington route is 4.5 miles (7.3 km). The walk on the route is very easy in surroundings that are beautifully green in such a densely populated part of London. This is mainly achieved by following most of the Parkland Walk (London's longest nature reserve along a former railway line among trees and shrubs. You come on to this very soon after the start near Highgate station by utilizing its Archway Road exit you avoid the steep climb described in grid, which is only compulsory for those continuing from Section 11 to Section 12. After passing the major East Coast railway line into Finsbury Park, you leave the Parkland Walk and skirt a small lake. A straight road spread between the two Stoke Newington Reservoirs, where you pass the New River Path, and into Clissold Park.

    You can use the walking Journey Planner, in order to get a walking route help through map. Because using the new options, you can maximize the time for preparing yourself to walk and to get information about routes for greater distances. Fittingly you pass between two historic churches into Stoke Newington Church Street, whose cosmopolitan atmosphere is fed by a range of ethnic cuisines.

    At last you will be reached the wonderfully eerie Abney Park Cemetery, now a nature reserve, with drunkenly leaning tombstones covered by a wealth of trees and shrubs. The land of the Parkland Walk is uneven and may be muddy. The entrance utilized by the Capital Ring into Abney Park Cemetery has 5 steps, which can be avoided by continuing outside to the finish of the section at Stoke Newington station; with a level entrance nearby if you want to explore the cemetery.

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