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I want to know the function of BlackBerry Bold 9780 user manual, is it helpful for beginners? Actually I am planning to purchase BlackBerry Bold 9780, but I am not very much familiar with BlackBerry Bold 9780, my friend told me about user manual, I need more help, thanks.

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  1. Julia

     The BlackBerry Bold 9780 instruction manual will help users that how to set up and start using their BlackBerry Bold 9780. This manual also offers detailed information on configuring normal operations and care, using optional gadgets and maintenance troubleshooting. For the security of your BlackBerry Bold 9780 follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. The table content of BlackBerry Bold 9780 User manual is given below:

    • Quick Help: in the quick help users can find important keys and by using your device find the Home screen and Personalize your device.

    • Shortcuts: there are many BlackBerry basics shortcuts for instance Phone shortcuts, message shortcuts, typing shortcuts for the touch screen keyboard, typing shortcuts for the slide-out keyboard file and attachment shortcuts and many other shortcuts for troubleshooting.

    • Phone: buy using this guide users will enable to learn about phone basics, emergency call, volume of the phone bell, Voice mail, and Speed dial, Call waiting, call forwarding, and call blocking, adjusted dialing and smart dialing along with conference calls options.

    • Voice commands: In this phone the voice commands are available which can perform an action using a voice command, like you can change the language for voice commands and turn off choice lists for voice commands, Change the options for voice prompts, Improve voice recognition.

    • Browser: this guide will tell you about browser basics, browser bookmarks, RSS feeds, Browser options Browser security, Browser push, Browser shortcuts, troubleshooting.


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