How to play horse racing on your computer

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How to play horse racing on your computer

You play horse racing by using your mouse to move the horse when the little gates open you click on your horse and it jumps for you. Don’t go to fast or pay attention otherwise you won't be able to see the jumps and if your jump is not timed, you will fall but that wont be the end of the game. You have to  fall 10 times before the game ends. When the high fences come then you click high up on the screen then your horse jumps high. At this game you will have other horses that will compete with your horse, so make sure you go fast but not too fast so that your at the end of the screen.  If you can't see the fence by being at the end, you will not be able to jump.  At the end, when you finish the race there are  different levels:

There is green witch is the easiest  and at the end there is red witch is the hardest. When you reach the hardest level, there are things on the trees that you must get.  

As i play more i will add more details. Others are welcome to add their answers on how to play horse racing on computer.

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