How to buy a house in London?

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My uncle is planning to buy a house in London, could you tell him that how he can buy, he needs a house buying guide for purchasing a house in London, please provide him an authentic answer, thanks.

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  1. Julia

     If you want to buy a new house in London, you can search online and find current variety of houses for sale in London. You can also contact to any local estate agent, who are working close to you. Drop into your closest office or give them a call, and talk to someone who really knows about your area. Many companies have estate agents throughout London; put their local knowledge to the test. And contact your nearest office. They just bring buyers and sellers together and also have mortgage advisors which help with your finance and KFH Chartered Surveyors in order to conduct any surveys you may need.

    In London great variety of a flats and houses are available for sale, so before you began your search, it helps to put some thought into exactly what you’re looking for. Make a list of what’s significant to you, including the necessities and the things that are just nice to have, and go from there. If you are purchasing to let, think about what your tenants would like. For instance, students might want somewhere central with simple access to local nightlife, while for a young family open space and good schools might be more necessary.

    Find out more about every stage of your move with the following step by step guide to buying a property in London:

    • Decide on the basics

    • Get your finances ready

    • Select the appropriate property

    • Make an offer

    • Sale agreed

    • Finalize your mortgage

    • Exchange contracts

    • Move in

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