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I am a big fan of and am currently residing in London. I would love to work at amazon office London. Can you help me with the procedure through which I can get hired at amazon office London. Thanks

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  1. John

    If you are looking at to get a London office job, then simply click the Apply Online button on any job description page. Just register online at Amazon UK and you can:

    • Store your CV and contact information so that you can apply for jobs

    • Have personalized job notifications e-mailed to you when new positions become available

    • Save your information so that you can easily make updates when there are changes

    Through the following simple process you can complete your job application, and apply at Amazon for London office job:

    1. Use the user name and password to log in to the site.

    2. Enter your personal information

    3. Complete the job questionnaire and answer a few additional questions about yourself and your experience

    4. Attach your CV and cover letter, which will be viewed by the hr recruiters.

    5. Confirm your submission; you will see the confirmation page for your application.

    If you do not find a position that matches your interests, or is located far away from London then select the email notifications option to get all the updates and job openings that Amazon will offer for London office. 

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