How can I get london fire brigade application form?

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Need to know the details for getting the job application form for the London fire brigade department to apply for any vacancy. Thanks.

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  1. Robin


    London Fire Brigade provides an equal opportunity to all the citizens of the UK and is run by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

    It is necessary that you fill up the Fire Service Application Procedure in order to join the Fire and Rescue Service from among thousands of candidates. Filling up the London fire brigade application form is an easy process but unfortunately almost 80% of applicants fail at the London fire brigade application form stage. These many applicants fail just because they do not follow the correct procedure the form asks for. Therefore before completing the London fire brigade application form, carefully read the accompanying guidance notes and job description.

    The Fire Service Application Form is a detailed application form assessed against National standards (PQA's) that is required to be returned by a deadline date. After the application form is accepted, the applicants will go through a series of tests which includes:

    Firefighter Psychological tests

    Fire Service Fitness Test

    Fire Service Interview

    Fire Service Medical and Eyesight tests

    The Fire Service Application has to pass each stage to move on to the next. You can log onto to get a detailed London fire brigade application form and fill it up according to the the London fire brigade requirements.

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