How can I change my security details for Santander online banking?

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I have been facing trouble with my Santander online account and so I plan on changing my password for it. If anyone knows how I can change it then please help me in this regard as I am new to this.

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  1. Robin

    Santander has been using multiple security credentials to confirm the identity of customers and to safeguard the online banking experience for the customers. But if for some reason you need to change the Security details of your account online or if you need to change the first time allocated Registration Number, you can change the Pass code and Registration Number at any time at the website.

    For that you need to log in to the Santander online banking account and then go to the “Security Details” section of the website to make necessary changes. Remember to put in a password which you can remember but make sure it is strong enough to be well secured.

    . When changing your security details, use words and numbers you can easily remember, such as a place or name that you know, but make sure it’s only memorable to you. You could also include a number or two to make it harder for someone to guess.

    To be more precise, you must follow these instructions:

    • A personal pass code made up only of letters and digits. It must be between 8 and 16 characters long

    • A registration number exactly 5 digits long

    If you still think someone may know your security codes you should change them immediately, and notify us at once by phoning Santander UK at 08459 724 724

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