How can I apply for London 2012 tickets?

by Guest586  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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I want to know how I can apply for London 2012 tickets for Olympic Games which will be held in London. Is there any way to purchase tickets online?

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  1. Guest598


    The  biggest sporting event of the world is coming to london in 2012.Spectators from all over the world are anxiously looking forward to that event.Last date for  ticket applications  was 26th april 2011.Now you have a very less chance to get a ticket.It is clearly mention on their official site that application for tickets have now closed.It could be possible if you applied for tickets between 9th September and 26th September Your application will be processed and  If you are successful, they will  take payment by 31 October 2011.You will  receive a final notification by 18 November 2011.As, all the dates have passed now and you have not applied it.So it is not possible for you to get a ticket for London 2011.For confirmation visit official site

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