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Grocery stores are familiar to many people and present throughout the country, although their sizes and range of products and services often vary. In the grocery store industry a range of food items is selling but many grocery stores also sell some nonfood goods. The other businesses that specialize in selling specific types of foods, such as butcher shops or fruit and vegetable markets, are not place under this industry. Supermarkets sell a wide selection of traditional grocery products, including fresh meats, produce, canned and frozen foods, and dry goods such as flour and sugar. Many also sell a wide assortment of readymade foods, such as hot entrees, salads, and deli sandwiches for takeout. Nonfood items that are available at larger supermarkets include household goods, health and beauty care items, pet products, and greeting cards. Moreover many grocery stores also provides catering services, automated teller machines, pharmacies, postal services, florists, film processing, dry cleaning, and video rentals. Some grocery stores may lease space to banks, coffee shops, and other service providers, but these services are commonly not performed by the grocery store.

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