Good Leather iPad case from UK to protect iPad screen

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Just got my first iPad and want to protect it. Tell me about the best casing in leather for my iPad, which is soft and affordable. Help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Robin

    iPad is something that the owner would truly love and would want to protect the most. There are many good protective covers that you can get from various tech stores from the UK. Since the iPad is such a new product, many of these cases do not yet have pricing information and are only available for pre-order. The big gorgeous screens need proper cleanliness to remain scratch free. Carrying case or protective screen will keep your iPad intact for a longer period of time.

    An iPad sleeve or a carrying case is good for transport of your gadget. New cases are being announced seemingly every day. Here are our ten favorites of the newly announced iPad cases.

    Fossil’s Leather Sleeve case for iPad is one of the most hyped leather bag in the UK. Fossil describes it's cases for iPad as: “The ultimate accessory for an Apple iPad device.” Here are some of its pros:

    • Made from full grain Real leather

    • No cardboard or plastic sewn in, just a plain leather.

    • Elegant design

    • Perfect finish

    • Stitching is perfect and makes a nice contrast on this brown leather

    • The Soft leather inside and such tight form will keep the screen free of fingerprints

    • Available at affordable prices


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