Do I Need Permit or Licence to Start Home Based Business in London?

by Guest89  |  8 years ago

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I want to start a small business, preferably home based business here in London. I won't be hiring any employees but will get things done from freelancers in fact. So, what I am much concerned about is that can I operate without a licence or permit? If I do so, won;t it be illegal? And above all what should I do in this situation.

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  1. Guest555

     The City of London supports the entrepreneurial spirit and small business through a home occupation bylaw that recognizes the needs of business, balanced against the needs of the community. The business may be operated out of a detached, semi-detached, tri-plex, four-plex or townhouse, but does not include the use of an accessory building such as a garage. Call 519 661-4660 to ensure your use is permitted under the cities. Up to 25 per cent of the total area, to a maximum of 28 sq m (300 sq ft) can be used for the business. The by-law does not permit outdoor use or outdoor storage. You are allowed a maximum of one employee from outside the home. You are allowed up to five clients in a dwelling at one time for treatment or service. The city's Sign and Canopy By-law permits up to a 0.2 square meter, non-illuminated sign mounted on the front of the dwelling without a permit. Professional or service offices which do not have external signage, client visitation and employees are considered an accessory use to the residential site, and are not covered by the bylaw. You may use your driveway for client parking, but not on a grassed area. Driveway widths cannot exceed 40 per cent of the width of the lot, to a maximum of 6.0 meters. If you are making structural changes, finishing your basement, or installing plumbing for sinks or washrooms, you will require a building permit for more information call 519 661-4550. Separate electrical permits are required by the Electrical Safety Organization.

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