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My younger brother is writing an instructional guide for visitors about famous walking routes of London. He wants some information about Jubilee Walkway route, kindly provides him authentic and useful information, thanks in advance.

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  1. Warner

    Re-launched on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen's Golden Jubilee, this is one of the Mayor of London's major routes. It shifted the London Silver Jubilee Walkway, using the same route with few realignments and modifications. A City loop from the Mansion House partly uses the high walks of the 1970s Barbican estate, with glorious views of hidden churches, gardens and remains of the ancient London Wall.

    It spread through the Guildhall precinct and passes the Museum of London, returning to the major circuit at St Paul's Cathedral. A Bloomsbury and Euston loop from Chancery Lane goes through the district's historic streets and squares, crosses the British Library and actually divided through the British Museum. When you pass senate House which is an impressive headquarters of the University of London, and have good scenes of the Telecom Tower, returning to the major circuit at Kingsway.

    The route is pointed by a combination of silver discs within the pavement and bronze markers indicating the dome of St.Paul's Cathedral overlaid on the Crown and the words 'Jubilee Walkway'. A spur from St James's Park bring you along Birdcage Walk right up to Buckingham Palace. Some points of Interest that are present between Jubilees walkway routes are:

    • Lambeth Bridge

    • Leicester Square

    • Museum of London and surrounding area

    • Sir John Soane's Museum

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