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Hello, my younger daughter is a under graduate student of computers science, she need few books related to her course, could you tell her about few computer bookshops that are present in London, she really needs help, thanks.

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  1. Guest14076


    Just wondering, we are interested in buying a book on Autodesk Autocad Lt 2016. Please can you let me know where I could go to get the book that I want.

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  2. Julia

     In London many Computer bookshops are present one of them is  Computer Bookshops Ltd which is one of Europe's largest computer book wholesaler and distributor with over 30 years of experience distributing computer books, computer game guides, medical books, professional books, business books, dictionaries, multimedia products and foreign language book titles. Their unique merchandising service enables them to suggest their customers on the best mix of products in this complex and fast moving industry. users can select from over 12,000 book titles from 350+ publishers and enjoy fast and efficient delivery to anywhere in the world. This shop is situated at 205 Formans Road Sparkhill Birmingham West Midlands B11 3AX United Kingdom. The contact number of Computer Bookshops Ltd is 01217783333 and their fax number is 01216060469. If you need more details about this shop you ca visit their official website at

    Another famous computer bookshop is present at Situated in the heart of the world-famous Charing Cross Road, just doors away from the celebrated no. 84, this large high street bookshop has been open for over ten years. It is the home of the UK's first inshore Espresso Book Machine, which can print and bind a book in less than 6 minutes from a selection of hundreds of thousands of titles. Their Computing department  comprises a great selection of books related to General computing, Operating Systems, Certification, Databases, Networks, E-Commerce, Internet, Programming/Computer Science, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Multimedia, General/Programming.

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