Comparison between Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom?

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There are so many tablets in the UK markets today but only some that come near iPad 2. I heard that Motorola Xoom is better than all. What would you suggest? Am I being mislead or not? Thanks in advance for the replies.

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  1. Robin

     Motorola Xoom is said to be one real competitor to the Apple iPad 2, as it has managed to outperform the revolutionary iPad in quite a few areas. Below is some detailed overlook on how both these tablets differ each other:

    Design and Build:

    Apple iPad 2: Weighing 601g, the iPad 2 is easy to hold. Just 8.8mm deep and is slimmer than an iPhone 4.

    Motorola Xoom: Weighing in at 730g, the Xoom is about 100g heavier than the iPad 2. Build quality is excellent though.


    Apple iPad 2: Capture 720p HD movies at 30fps using the main camera, there’s a secondary VGA 30fps camera for FaceTime calling. Apple has not commented on megapixel rating for either.

    Motorola Xoom: The primary 5-megapixel camera shoots 720p movies at 30fps, the secondary camera is 2-megapixels, capturing VGA movies.


    Apple iPad 2: 10 hours of browsing, video and music listening. Web browsing drops to nine hours over 3G.

    Motorola Xoom: 10 hours of web browsing over 3G, eight hours video. Usage without WiFi 10-14 hours.


    Apple iPad 2: Around £429 for the entry-version and £499 for 32GB.

    Motorola Xoom: Expect to pay £499 for the 32GB version, which is comparable to the UK version.

    While the Apple iPad 2 and Motorola have many different propositions Apple iPad 2 is the winner.


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