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I am looking forward to start my business in London Borough of Haverig. I have no idea what kind of business is profitable for me in that area. Please tell me about the businesses in that area so that I can make mind according to my evaluation and plan. Your kind assistance and guidance can help me a lot.

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    There are over 7,000 businesses based in Havering. The town of Romford is the major financial center of the Havering with a small area of generally allocated for office development near to the main railway station. Here you can observe industry which is between Rainham and the River Thames. Small industry anywhere in the borough has been in downturn. Most of the main employers for example the former Star Brewery now have closed the business in that area. New industrial development is encouraged in the south of the borough by the London Development Agency. It has opened the Center for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence for boosting business in the area.

    The major retail locality is furthermore established in Romford with some interconnected or close by buying arcades to the major Liberty Shopping Centre. Romford Market is established to the north of Romford which is the biggest market inside the borough and in the adjoining area. Hornchurch and Upminster are the further major retail hubs having comprehensive high road buying spots.

    Romford has an urbanized night-time market having the highest ratio of bars and nightclubs business if we compare part of Greater London outside the West End. Because of having so much business facilities in one place and number of transport alternatives roaring from that region. You cannot find any significant entertainment zones in any other area of the borough.

    Havering London Borough Council applied for a license to the Government allowing a 'super-casino'. however,  government has rejected the application in May 2006.



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