Best wedding dress shops in East London

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I am newly been shifted from my native country to UK. I am going to get married in three weeks of time. I need to know about some popular wedding dress shops in East London. I need to known about these shops urgently so your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Nick

     Bridal wear in London is very easy to be located as there are outnumbered bridal designers within London city. Talking about East London specifically there is a huge bulk of designers in your particular area which can really help you with your desired bridal wear in time. Shops along with there complete addresses are mentioned as follow:

    PRINCESS BRIDALWEAR located at 279, High Rd Leyton, London, E10 5QN, 1.1 miles N.

    EXQUZITE located at 556, Barking Rd, London E13 9JU, 1.8 miles SE.

    FUSION FASHION LOUNGE located at 117, Green St, London, E7 8JF, 1.5 miles E.

    BABES TO BRIDES located at Unit 1a, Gun Wharf Business Centre, 241, Old Ford Rd, London, E3 5QB, 1.5 miles W.

    PAYAL COLLECTION located at 275a, Green St, London, E7 8LJ, 1.5 miles E.

    AGNES CHRIS located at 3 Lord Palmerston Apartments, 45, Hewlett Rd, London, E3 5JR, 1.6 miles SW.

    AURA located at 158, Green ST, London, E&7 8JT, 1.5 miles E.

    BRIDAL DRESSMAKERS located at 194, Walton Rd, London, E12 5RL, 2.9 miles E.

    HANNA GOLDMAN located at Unit 4, 10-13, Hollybush Place, London, E2 9QX, 2.6 miles SW.

    BRIDES LOVES located at 15, Fairview Close, London, E17 5HJ, 4 miles N.

    RAISHMA located at 37, Green St, London, E7 8DA, 1.4 miles E.

    ABE located at 95, Columbia Rd, Bethnal Green, London, E2 7RG, 3 miles W.

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