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I am looking for electrical shops from where I can help myself with few electrical things which I want to replace in my house. List me few of the best electrical shops in London. List me with few shops that are the best one’s in electrical products.

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  1. Nick

     London is very much famous or the electrical products and people around the world trust the shops within London. Looking out for electrical products you must keep in mind one thing that products are classified according to their make. Some companies are good in manufacturing one thing while other might be a specialist in some other product so you should thoroughly study such things in detail then complete your homework before buying.

    List of few of the best electrical shops in London are as under:

    MAPLIN ELECTRONICS located at High Holborn House, 52-54 High Holborn, City of London. 0844 557 6000.

    LIGHT BULBS located at Northumberland house 303-306 High Holborn, City of London. 020 7831 1700.

    APPLE STORE located at 235 Regent Street, London. 020 7135 9000.

    ARGOS located at 5 Gray’s Inn Road, City of London. 0845 165 7221.

    CURRYS located at 38 kings Mall, Kings Street, Hammersmith, London. 0870 609 7425.

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