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Chop Shop London Garage was one of my favorite TV programs and I want to know about some of the best cars created in chop shop London garage. So, if someone has information about it kindly share it here.

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  1. Warner

    Chop Shop London garage is one of the top rated TV program. In the program the team members of Chop shop London garage transform some of the scrap cars and make them a newly modified cars. I have selected some of the best cars of Chop Shop London garage.

    JET 1 Car:

    Chop Shop boys recreated the classic Jet 1 Rover gas turbine concept car from the 1950s. Here are the specifications of the recreated car.


    Engine: Jaguar X56 4.2 twin cam

    Exhaust: Custom made, six branch manifold

    Induction: Three Webber 45 DCOE carburettors, custom inlet manifold, conversion to electronic ignition

    Suspension: Jaguar front and rear suspension and sub-frames and coil over shocks

    Brakes: Jaguar heavy duty brake pads, Ford master and servo units

    Wheels: Jaguar MK2 with Michelin V-rated 150mph tyres

    Bodywork: Converted from four door saloon to two door convertible, custom made in steel

    Other mods: Custom made dash, custom made body bar and strengtheners, custom made wiring loom

    Gangster Car

    The Chop Shop guys took humble old Saab 900 Turbo and transformed it into the Gangster Car for ex Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp. Here are the specifications of the transformed cars.


    Engine: 2.3 twin cam automatic

    Exhaust: Custom made

    Induction: Custom intercooler and piping and dump valve

    ECU: Stock

    Suspension: Custom made and modified

    Brakes: Heavy duty front and rear pads

    Wheels: Wolfrace Imperial custom

    Bodywork: Pearl metallic grey, split rear screen, custom made body with 0.8 gauge cold rolled steel

    Other mods: Custom interior and carpets, handmade rollbar, keyless entry, custom made dashboard, custom front lights and grille, custom Corbeau seats and belts

    Volcano Car:

    The team took one scrapped Subaru Impreza and reassembled it to make Johnny Vegas' Volcano Car. Following are the specifications of newly assembled car.


    Engine: Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo 2 litre injection

    Exhaust: Custom-built flo-tech

    Induction: Custom pro alloy intercoolers, radiator and fuel tank

    Suspension: Custom made GAZ coil over shocks front and rear

    Brakes: Six-pot hi-spec callipers, Aeroquip brake hoses, 330mm cross drilled brake discs

    Wheels: 18” Wolfrace wheels

    Bodywork: Custom bodywork with 0.8 gauge cold rolled steel

    Other mods: Custom dash and Corbeau racing seats and belts

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