Best Pakistani clothes shops in London

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I am new in London and hopefully have to stay for the rest of my life in this city and its surroundings. I am 24 and want to know about the best Pakistani clothes shops if any here in this so big city that I cannot find any such shop. A Friend of mine told me that I can find many shops but I am unable to do so, need help!

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  1. Guest14130

     We have online busines in Londo please visit our website:


  2. Nick

     Indeed London is very big city and together holds almost all the cultures and societies of the world. No other city in the world hold this much density of cultures. London provide home to the entire world and warmly welcome the new people who for the time being or permanently have to stay in the city.

    There are many designers who are from Pakistan and are native to that country which make them expert in their respect field, but there are other designers who are not native to country Pakistan but are still very expert in designing Pakistani clothes.

    The best shops from where you can get the desired collection of clothes with their complete address are as under:

    KASHISH FASHIONS located at 318, Hoe Street, London, 020 8520 1137.

    SANA’S CREATIONS located at 26 Fairmark Drive, North Hillingdon, Middlesex, London, 07790 540 442.

    HEPSIBAH located at 112 Brackenbury Road, Hammersmith, London, 07730 596 303.

    CAHRLES TYRWHITT located at 98-100 Jermyn Street, London, 020 7839 6060.

    RAISHMA located at 37 Green Street, London, 020 8552 6751.

    RECRO ACTIVE located at 51 High Street, Barkingside, Ilford, London, 020 8551 6861.

    SERENITY COLLECTION located at 80 Green Lane, Thornton Heath, London, 07855 756 148.

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