Basic requirements to apply for apprenticeship vacancies in London?

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I want to become a London apprentice and need to know the procedure of any training required before-hand to apply for a job. I have done many different things since I left school and need to know if I can still do it.

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    Yes, you can always   get the apprenticeship training in London. If you want to apply for   apprenticeship vacancies in London then you can  apply directly for a live vacancy and   upload your CV on the London apprenticeship company which will give you the   best choice of high profile employers, a competitive wage, the highest   quality training and more job security.   

    In order to apply to for an apprenticeship vacancy in London you need to   get the apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship training is necessary so that   you can apply for the best apprenticeship vacancies in London. The training   includes on-the-job training and off-the-job training, both of which are   extremely important. These two types of training include the following forms:  


    • An important part of the apprenticeship is your job role.

    • Expected working hours are 37.5 hours a week, five times a day.

    • The apprenticeship will last for about a year (9-12 months)


    Training is made up of four parts:

    • NVQ – Assessment of your ability to work

    • Technical Certificate

    • Functional Skills – Numeracy and Literacy

    • ERR (Employment Rights and Responsibilities)


    • The minimum apprenticeship wage is £2.50.

    • Most apprenticeships will pay more than £2.50 depending upon your   birthplace

    • As a London apprentice, you will be paid fortnightly, straight into your   back account.


    • Formal training of how to manage the post of apprenticeship

    • You will also receive support and guidance from your supervisor

    • Guidance through job and tasks that are to be done on day-to-day basis.

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