Are there any limitations on food products one can bring into Heathrow airport, United Kingdom?

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I am coming to London next week and will land at Heathrow airport and want to know are there any kind of limitations or restrictions in bringing food products into United Kingdom. As, I am planning to bring some foods products for myself as I am very choosy in food and some for my relatives in there.

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    Yes, there are limitations on food products to bring in Heathrow airport United Kingdom. It is against the law to bring in meat or meat products and milk/dairy products into the United Kingdom from outside the European Union countries. There are strict controls on bringing the mention below items into United Kingdom:

    • Potatoes

    • Plants

    • Fish

    • Shell fish

    • Honey

    • Egg and egg products

    • Fruits and vegetables

    And if you bring back banned products and items that are overweight and quantity limit is crossed, then all of products or items will be seized and destroyed.

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