Address of DNB NOR Bank ASA branch in London

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Please tell me the address of DNB NOR Bank ASA branch in London. I have to add this information in my assignment and I could not find it on the web. I need this information on urgent basis. If someone knows, share your knowledge as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Marie

     Here is the address of DNB NOR Bank ASA London Branch

    Address:   20 ST Dunstan 039 S Hill LONDON EC3R 8HY, London

    Its Swift Code is DNBAGB2L

    Equivalent Codes:

    DNBAGB2L x*x


    DNBA GB 2L

    DNBA GB 2L x*x

    Swift code breakdown:

    DNBA: Bank code

    GB: Country Code

    2L : Location Code

    x*x : Branch Code

    This Bank is Norway's greatest monetary services group. It has a total equity of more than NOK 2.0 trillion and a market financing NOK 102 billion as per December the 31st. The Group contains brands such as DnB NOR, Vital, Nordlandsbanken, Cresco, Postbanken, DnB NORD and Carlson. DnB NOR's head office is located in Oslo.

    The two largest propreitir of DnB NOR are the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry (34.0%) and Spare bank stiftelsen DnB NOR (10.0 %). The latter was created as a foundation with the particular purpose of pocessing part of the company. It was founded when Gjensidige NOR was made a public limited company to guarantee that the companies' customers hold on physically the partial ownership of the company. The foundation also can give up to 25% of its received dividend as gifts to charity.

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